Pocahontas Warren, Little Marco, Lying Ted will be there.Mitt Romney used the words “phony” and “fraudulent” to describe Donald Trump. He even came out and warned the country not to vote for this person because he would destroy everything as we know it. Then a few weeks later he’s photed having candle light dinner with Trump obviously trying to get a cabinet position. Well, he didn’t get a job from the phony but he did get the photo of him sucking up to Trump plastered all over the internet. He’s name might as well be shit. No one likes a politician because of this kind of greasy behavior.

I love a party with a music and the works too. don’t get me started about how much I love decorated parade horses but I can’t and would not be seen celebrating especially if i was a senator of color. All the ranting and raving Trump has done how can you be there in the cold smiling. He has set up an over all mood towards Latinos that says we need to be taken out with the garbage. That’s a big part of ” Making America Great Again”.  Its bull shit if you’re a senator you have to be there.  If dont  see Trump you have no respect for the office of the presidency or the peaceful transfer of power. It doesn’t mean you aren’t going to do your job. If you celebrate a person who has treated you and your people like a piece of dirt and called you a kiss up then you’re gonna look like the kiss up because you are one. The new normal will be having a president that is a name caller.  I would use the weekend to figure out how to deal with it without going low like him or allowing yourself to be disrespected. Rest, go to women’s  march only if you care. People will notice you for who you are in the end. I wonder if Crooked Hillary will be spotted at the march.


Talking to White People


It’s difficult to discuss racism with white people. To be fair it isn’t just them. It’s an American or human attitude. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Latinos who are employed argue that it’s nonsense that there’s a shortage of jobs in this country. Ironically, the Latinos I’m thinking of always have more than one job that no one else wants.
Anyhow, a few years back I read a book called, “What is the Matter with White People” by Joan Walsh. It gave me tremendous insight as to how white people see things. Get this, most white people in America live very segregated lives. Their opinions are formed in extreme isolation. They experience little to no racial pressure and don’t read, learn or see anything about it first hand. It’s like a lot of them have only one tv channel going all their lives. Imagine if you had only one old fashion channel the kind that cuts out at mid night. You would end up on YouTube and viral if you ever got a microphone too.
Regular white folks think racism describes very disgusting behavior. I’m talking about deep in the woods where banjo wars take place. You know like the movie ” Deliverance”. So it’s difficult to talk about how racism is built in our institutions by white people and that white people have benefitted from the dysfunction. When you say all that they hear …..” You gotta pretty mouth”. and their head explodes.
For many years the facts have been clear. The color of your ass is the biggest indicator of rather you end up in the criminal system and what happens to you in that system. There are cold cruel numbers that show the criminal system is RACIST but the system isn’t changing much because minds have to change before laws do. In Obama’s farewell address to the nation he explained ( too briefly ) the importance of getting out there and talking about “systemic racism”.
This isn’t a new way to change minds. The Gay rights movement has progressed in the same way, one person at a time. The philosophy was and is to “come out” , tell people you’re gay and the life that you live. Slowly, the secret becomes less weird, less scary more about nature and love rather than illness and sin. The isolation no longer exists. The reality and experience has expanded.
White people have to come around to the notion that racism is bad but you aren’t a bad person if you couldn’t see it. Recognition is always the first step to changing anything. White people did the lions share of building the system and they have the biggest sledge hammers to bring it down. When white people speak up white people listen. They are the best ones to explain that there are more than one channel. They have to be the one’s that spread and normalize the notion that racism is a mistake that can be turned around. Once you stop ignoring and learn something it’s different. You can’t get comfortable with racist talk even behind closed doors or ignore dysfunctional systems without question.
It isn’t easy to talk about race. What happens if they get really touchy and ask “why is everything about race?”. What do you say if they say “well, the president is black and he never went to jail” or
” don’t you think personal responsibility is important?”. A lot of times it stops me right in my tracks. I’m shocked how block headed this person I hang out with is. I’m afraid I sound insulting or accusatory. Maybe it’s too personal for me to question someone’s beliefs. Finally, I’ll have just what I want to say and its very informative and understanding and its only a conversation in my mind the real one happened hours ago.
I read a lot about how to do a blog before I started to post. Most of the reading said be an expert at what you’re gonna talk about. Some said you can blog as you learn. What’s important is you are truly interested in the subject. I’m extremely interested just stuck.  The opinion of the majority is wrong. If it’s allowed to slip behind closed doors and be protected it’ll silently keep winning. Are we doing what we can? Mars to Mexicans?
Mexican from Mars


Weirdness approaching


Mr. Trump is making it impossible to have an open mind and just consider the policies that are gonna come out not the person who will be president. It’s just a freak show of hypocrisy and strange talk.
Look at General David Petraeus’s history and he is a cabinet member choice!! He admitted to having an extramarital affair with a writer working on his biography not too long ago like in 2012. That isn’t the worse of it, he was the head of the CIA at the time and busted doing heavy duty pillow talk with his lady love over the internets and prepaid cell phones. The sex talk was all mixed in with classified information. ….. weird.
Obviously, Clinton’s email problem is just and ONLY a political red herring or shiny thing to throw out when there’s scary stuff exposed about him. “Hey, look at that dirty Hillary fish swim by!!! and she’s got something nasty on her, have you read about it? Well, it’s really really disgraceful and bad”. That’s exactly what he does and he does the same kind of thing every time.
During his press conference, the possibility there are sex tapes the Russians have on him came up. He went into this explanation of sorts of why it couldn’t be him,, “Be very careful, because in your hotel rooms and no matter where you go you’re going to probably have cameras”, ” You have camera in the strangest places. Cameras that are so small — modern technology — you can’t see them and you won’t know,” he said……… weird. All of the sudden the focus turned into who’s “bad” in media and who’s “good”.
Now, the Internet is buzzing with pee pee jokes about Mr Trump. Supposedly, Mr Trump had a couple of hookers pee on him in a hotel bed that the Obamas had recently stayed in because he hates them so much. This practice of getting pee-peed on is called getting a “golden shower” by the way. Looking back on it, I understand the jabbering he did about being a “germaphobe” at the press conference came from. I really haven’t seen anything that says “germaphobe” in his behavior but there is a term for when you think people who are different from you carry parasites and disease. Darn, I can’t think of the word. He has a certain look on his face when he talks about Mexicans and the things that come across the border. He looks like his skin is crawling and the talk of the wall makes him feel less disgusted. I was gonna write about systemic racism but he’s just too cray man. Next time ok. What’s on your mind?

Mexican from Mars

Trump the softy

What Trump does vs what he says.
Mr Trump announced a “tremendous” deal with Carrier an American AC unit manufacturing company in Indianapolis was made. So our president to be says he saved over a thousand jobs from going to Mexico. He said that he’s been telling Carrier and others planning to take jobs off to Mexico, “hey when you bring your air conditioners etc back to sell I’m gonna put a 35% tariff ( a tax) on your foreign made stuff”. Do we finally have a tough president that will stand up for the working tax payer?
Not really, he saved more like 700 jobs and how he did it wasn’t really big and strong. He paid Carrier millions to stay and millions to improve their plant. Get this, the improvements are for making robots that build ACs (automatization ). It came to about a 25 million dollar handout. The generous Carrier Co. claims they could have saved 63 million by moving to Mexico but they did the patriotic thing.
Carrier was paid off to stay in US out of the tax payers pocket. This money will no longer go to education, public services or infrastructure. The money turned into a welfare check for Carrier.
So the whole country knows the new administration has not even moved in and is passing out huge welfare checks for big Corp. and when they get one they also receive hero status. It’s gonna be a feast. The teats of the tax payer will never be the same again. I’m not sure they will ever recover.
In the end, Trump’s not so tough at all. He’s a softy.
The Mexican from Mars

Some White Working Class Folks and Dinos


David Axelrod held a very interesting interview with President Obama about the state of politics and the shocking election results. Basically, President Obama believes the dems haven’t gotten through to white working folks who are struggling. The message just didn’t make it.
He stated that Obamacare has helped a lot of people who DID NOT vote for him and then DID NOT vote for Hillary either……shocking!! He says what happened is the “hope” of the American Dream in the 21st century got the wind knocked out of it and sadly people voted against their own interests ….. no hope, lost hope, hope died.
That’s a nice way to describe it but not the complete story. People that voted against affordable health care for themselves and their families wanted to see “handouts” end. You know what those are…..”Handouts”? Its what others beneath them get. An example of this mindset is “I have Obamacare but Im not on Medicaid so I’ll vote against the Medicaid losers”, you know, “Trump doesn’t mean me when he talks about cuts”. There’s an article in the Washington Post oops/2016/12/20/46ef3cae-c6f3-11e6-bf4b-2c064d32a4bf_story.html?client=safari
on a county in Kentucky where Obamacare raised the insured rate by 60% but 82% of the voters cast it in for Trump. Now, Trump voters there are worried. One women helped by Obamacare husband’s on a waiting list for a liver transplant. She got the message ok. She just didn’t think Repeal Obamacare had anything to do with her and her own. That makes me angry.
Anyhow, Obama went on to say that he isn’t gonna ride President Trump for every little tweet but he’s not gonna stay quiet if his values as an American are threatened. He’s strong. I would have to go into hiding to keep from saying something not so nice at some point.
Bravely, Obama wants to be apart of things and stay relevant. How can he watch all his work bashed and stay cool? If anyone can it would be him. More diplomatically than I thought was possible he called the Republican Party out for blocking ALL good legislation and programs that could have helped more people recover from the huge recession of 2008.
It was amazing to see how Obama always extended himself way to the right to include every dying dinosaur from the KKK’s opinion in the national discussions. I mean old school KKK when they still rode horses.
The loudest black voices were from types like Bill Cosby condemning inner city people, in other words people of color for not being personally accountable and responsible for their situations like poverty. As if personal responsibility has to be lectured to a certain group of people while others get it. By the way, how did the nastiest man in the world get the nerve to speak up on morals?
The leaders of the Republican Party used Obamas own words to the hilt. The master manipulators at owning the flag, the bible now snatched hold of morals. The types that voted against their own interests in Kentucky heard those things loud and clear.
Obama doesn’t have to include the dinos. It isn’t his job anymore. He won’t be everyone’s president and he never was from the start.
The Mexican from Mars

A Brave Heart

I can’t believe they re still bringing up Hillary Clinton to blame for whatever negative news hits the president elect Trump. Get over it. She looks likes she’s getting on with her life. Seriously, just like elementary school kids may not like you when you get straight A’s that’s thier problem but it’s still hurts to have the old crowd act like you’re a sticky little spider.
I don’t think Hillary Clinton whines more or less than other politicians do when they lose. She doesn’t seem more dishonest than a normal politician. She does have a past full of investigations that didn’t amount to much. Strangely, I’ve seen arguments break out about who is annoyed by her the most. Serious TV news people talk about something rude that was said about her and they avoid making eye contact with each other. They start turning red, vibrating and looking the other way away. They’re  holding back floods of laughter really. I don’t have a meter to measure these things and provide solid proof that there is a certain hatred for Hillary Clinton but there is some possible evidence.
For example, on the 19th of December the electors had the chance to do their little dance on the dance floor and acknowledge Mr. Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016. It was totally apparent that regardless of all the stuff he said and done since Nov. 7th and how messed up the electoral college is we get Mr. Trump because that’s how it went down. The rules were already in place. The contest went the way it went and he won. There was absolutely no hope for HRC to gain any traction. Still some electors had to jump ship and go against there own peeps to vote “no Hillary”.
Nothing was gonna change. All they had to do is what was expected. It wasn’t enough. When people stand up and say “I don’t care if she already lost and I’m gonna get in trouble and fined. Put me in jail, crazy people kill me and burn my house. I say no”…. that’s hate. A special level of hate reserved for the devil, bed wetters and Hillary Clinton.

I’m curious to know who you are and what’s your thoughts are. Feel free to comment below.

The Mexican from Mars

Lies and Envy


Economics is a science. It isn’t like a palm or horoscope reading. Just like chemistry and biology their are proven facts. Basically, the study of economics  is about our behavior with resources as individuals and how markets operate and are effected as a result. Don’t let it intimidate you. Simply put, its how money makes the world go around

Politicians lie about economics all the time. Most of the lies go without a single question. You can look up facts on economics just like animal training, medication or history. Once again economics is a science.

Put this in the test tube. Why is half of America broke? More than half of Americans live from pay check to paycheck and do not have an extra 400 dollars for emergencies. Hopefully, they have a credit card that’s not tapped out. ( Google it-half of America is broke ).
Since, the Reagan administration the main belief in the US about the economy is that if the rich have more money they invest more and jobs are created. So it’s a good thing to give the rich money in the form of tax cuts etc. This is what they call, “the trickle down theory”.
The “trickle down theory” has NOT worked as far as lifting up the middle class or the poor. It has made the rich richer. It seems money has been sent to the top never to be seen again.
The rich have become so rich they are saving more and more of their extra money and even taking money to invest in growing markets in other counties. That means the trickle has gone from quarters to pennies to urine.
What does it take to get the economy healthy that is people working and bettering their lives. This is what has been tried and works. Stimulating the economy from the bottom the lower the better is the most effective. Instead of a tax cuts for the rich increase food stamps benefits, public assistance, social security payments etc. That’s right, there is more bang for the buck stimulating the economy by helping the poorest in the economy!!
Let’s say 1000 poor people like students, senior citizens split 1,000,000 through an increase in benefits etc. You know what happens? It gets spent up on food, rebuilding the back stairs, gasoline, diapers, and yes some goes on beer. The money spent stays in the country and no money is saved. The poorer the person the less they can save. The economy gets a huge hit of money. People are working to produce and sell lumber for home projects like back stairs, diapers for babies and lots of beer has to be brewed.

In other words,the economy is buzzing. The facts are that “hand outs” as some call it increase or get the economy buzzing at the same time tax revenues go up!! We do not go broke with this solution at all.

For example for every dollar we invest in education 7 dollars come back into the country through taxes. Investing in people is a proven way to grow jobs and help people move from poverty to middle class. Some well intentioned leaders can’t seem to explain this at all. It’s frustrating as hell. Let me try.
If the same 1,000,000 dollars goes to one rich person in the form of a new tax break it’s less likely to go back to the economy. The back stairs on all the houses owned have been well maintained, and there are so many diapers and beer one family can use even if they’re wealthy. The tax break most likely goes into the bank. A bank at the Cayman Island would be best.
Here is another thing since we are doing some truthing ; businesses  do not increase their workforce or infrastructure because of tax breaks. That’s not how business or the markets work.
Ask a business owner like my kid sister, “say, when you get a tax break do you hire a few more workers and buy some new office machines?”   She’ll tell you “no way, I hire and buy more things for the business when I get more people buying my consultations”.
It’s hard to explain her business so I’ll change to a business everybody can understand…. Donuts.
If people start buying your donuts and you can’t keep up you buy more ovens and hire more donut makers. If donut sales stay the same as the donut shop owner you may save the money from the tax return for an emergency or take a vacation.

Most people believe lies about the economy because we’ve been lied to for about 40 years. I would describe us as Americans to be brainwashed….. No shit.

research it!

1. How has “trickle down ”  worked since its start in the Reagan Administration?

2. Do tax breaks for the rich stimulate an economy?

3. Do an increase in benefit programs stimulate the economy?

4.  Do increase tax breaks cause business owners to invest and hire?

5.  What’s the break down of return in tax revenue for tax cuts for the rich as opposed to increase in benefits for the poor?

So the fact is helping the poor ( the poorer the better ) helps everyone. Helping the rich mostly helps that particular individual and this is more true the richer the person is.

The only ones that get hurt if we lift up the economy the smart effective way is the ones who ……..envious.  Face it.  Can’t you hear it now!

You mean BLANK  type people who are poor the real BLANKY ones get to drink beer!!!!

You know it  Pres. Trump is going to jump in and help spin up the lies and get the envy boiling.  We have to be knowledgeable enough to stop lies dead in its tracks. This murder is best done in public. We are gonna have to stop and question racism especially when to do so would be rude. Its about democracy and if we have the balls to keep it.

“Free your mind and the rest will follow”  someone wrote that or sang it.


The Mexican from Mars