It’s not me so I don’t see it

Unbelievable, I just saw a news program about this women from Damascus.  Her whole family are in the US on the visa program. She’s  having problems getting her husband back in the country because of the ban on the seven countries include of course Syria. Well, guess what she voted for Pres. Trump.

What’s  more unbelievable she said that we ( this country ) have always helped other people. We don’t turn our backs on people and she hopes that doesn’t change. Like she didn’t hear what the Donald thought of numerous different kinds people including her own. It didn’t concern her that people including middle eastern people would not be  treated equal under the law. Middle Eastern people and or Muslims would be excluded from protection under the constitution.

It appears she has somehow come to the conclusion her and her family are the only ” good ones. “, ” To bad the doors got closed after me and my family got in “, “The rest of you Syrians can go on with yourselves”. Well the day came when one of her family members were treated like how she believes other Syrians should be treated and now it’s different.

Think about it. If we only read and listened to things we agree with, design our own little private radio stations with our MP3 players you may believe the only reality is yours. If you are a white or black person from Europe and every time you see a black American is on the news doing a crime or rioting what would you think of black America. If the only white person you’ve ever been exposed to is Eminem what would you think? If all you saw was a lot of violent Syrian people around you and you were Syrian you may want to close and lock the door when you got to the US too. Out of  ignorance and fear in your own bubble you may vote for Donald Trump because he matches your view of things. You may forget that since Donald Trump does not know you you aren’t different to him. The data show a vast majority of middle eastern refugees are not terrorist or violent. In fact, most of the people needing a home and food are children.

If one person is not free no one is. Don’t listen when you hear ” stereotypes come from somewhere ?” because most of the time ignorance is the place it comes from.

So Latinos don’t believe negative things you hear about yourself or other Latinos. Don’t think that a person that looks down on Latinos is gonna always think you and your family are different. Don’t ever believe that one person can be suppressed or treated unfairly and it won’t affect us all. That’s not how it works.

The Mexican from Mars

It’s a set up

Pres. Trump wants to erase The Dodd Frank Act. Its too restrictive. The law was supposed to prevent big banks from getting  ” too big to fail ” like in 2008 when we had to bail them out. Remember, the big banks were about to fall and with them would go the US economy not to mention the world. So we helped the banks back up. Dodd Frank was written to stop them from doing things that were legal but never should have been. I agree the banks being 40% bigger today is a huge problem. Dodd Frank is a failure but not because it’s too restrictive but because its too lame. The president and his advisors, ex-CEOs from Goldman Sachs say too much restriction in the Dodd Frank law caused the big banks to grow like weeds. That doesn’t even make sense

Pres. Trump says so many of his friends can’t get bank loans to make “their great businesses “. That isn’t even true the billion and millionaire class aren’t having any trouble getting loans  (look it up. Its a lie ). Small business loans are hard to get. That’s true because most small bussinesses fail in the first year. How are you going to open an independent anything and compete with the big guys. If there’s a Wallmart, Tacobell and Home depot in your town  you cant open a grocery store, flower shop, lumber shop, installation bussiness, a meat market, pharmacy etc. Hell, Wallmart sells eye-glasses and wants to open a funeral coffin department. Your crazy to put all your saving or get a loan to open a shop. Online, service or consulting are the only vestiges for new small bussinesses. Investments in yourself are good. Go back to school become really good at something. That’s not just my opinion.

President Trump wants to protect shadow banks from regulations.

Shadow banks-Banks that can invest how, where, with who ever with no transparency to the government or anyone else. Can you imagine if you started a business and told the government including the IRS, ” I’m gonna do what ever I want. I don’t have to have my records open. It’s not your bee’s wax what Im selling and to who Im selling it to “. That’s what would be called a criminal bussiness and you would go to jail.

The president is deeply concerned with invetment firms.

The fudiciary Rule. The rule that protects you from being over charged for every little transaction you make to manage your investments. The Trumper’s say you dont need protection. What’s worse than that is they want it to be legal for the investment firms to sell you what ever they want. Your money is secondary to their profit. So Edward Jones and the like can use your money to make money for themselves first. Let me repeat, YOUR own money and you dont come first!! That’s a sucker’s game!  Can you imagine if long ago we were fooled into making social security into a private 401k kind of deal. This has been the republicans dream for at least 20 years. If W. Bush was able to get that SSI privatized and boy did he try, we’d be stuck like chuck…..stuck Chuck who’s old and broke.

Let the Monopolies roll in and the stealing begin. We use to have a hands tied sheriff now the sheriffs a thug, con artist.  Here come the invisable hammers.


Fun fact:  Monopoly is a game a women economist invented to demonstrate how monopolies develop and how they screw up the whole economy . Remember, how you start out and then if you made a wrong move and or were unlucky down you go and slowly ever else goes broke too. You know that sinking feeling when you’ve gotten too broke to get back up and you know it. You get like you can’t buy anything anymore. You can’t stop eating chips and you start to feel like a loser?. You just seem to go to jail a lot and there is one maybe two players holding all the money and its usually the bank. This is what happens to capitalism when there isn’t any regulations ( unfettered capitalizm ) everything slows down, opportunities disappear. It all turns into a monopoly. That is what happens to us. Just change the property and building names on the board to Wells Fargo and Wallmart ect.  Put some po po cars rolling around. Add a few modern day touches we can understand. Put in a jail card that says “if this is your third jail card and you have less than 2 pay checks in hand turn your broke ass in.  We gonna bust a cap in your ass and split your cabbage!!! Right now bitch!!!. Move slow you a bad hombre!!! “.



The Mexican from Mars

People don’t come here for food stamps

The inside scoop is  Pres. Trump is gonna round-up all the people who are here illegally and are or have asked for social services. He’s not talking about the Swedes.  He’s taking about our brothers and sisters from Mexico. To make it plain,  Pres. Trump is looking around for what he thinks are the billions and billions of “wet backs” that leisurely did the  back stroke across the smooth Rio Grande river to get to the land of milk, honey and free money. The ones that walked into a government building  and said ” I’m here illegally. Its free money time”. RIIIIIGHT!!!

Non citizens who are here illegally do not get food stamps. Green card holders may receive workman’s comp for example but people with green cards work for that benefit. Workman’s comp, unemployment are insurance type programs. If they work they get some of their paycheck withdrawn to pay for these government insurances. Once they have put into the system they can qualify for some things. The data show the Mexican green card holders are not getting as much out of the system as they are putting in. Most people coming over from Mexico are young, working hard and supporting a lot of social services that baby boomers are requiring. At this time, we are a country of old people. Don’t rely only what you see in your own neighborhood. We are living in our own bubbles and think that’s everyone’s reality. Do your reasearch before you listen to your friend at work tell you he knows for a fact Mexican people are all on food stamps because his daughter works at HEB and this is what she sees… blah, blah, blah.

I’ll put it bluntly, sometime’s people from Mexico say they’re getting lots of government money. The people who say this don’t understand it’s not cool. Its sort of how a red neck might brag about how they can drink 20 beers and  eat 20 hotdogs in 30 minutes. Even insecure presidents brag about not paying taxes. It’s like that. People of all colors say stupid shit and have goofy ideas that aren’t true. Some people from Mexico who  are desperately looking for labor here say things like back home they own big pieces of land in the mountains or beach houses in Cancun. It’s like this, all people brag,  exaggerate and even lie when they feel they have very little or nothing. People from Mexico that brag this way start rumors that cause hatred and jealousy.

No one is coming here for food stamps or to vote as many times as they can. It’s hard to get social services in this county. Good luck without a social security card. Please, as Mexican Americans don’t believe what the Trumper’s say.  Reasearch the data before you look down on your own people. This racist nonsense is splitting us up. Together we stand, apart we fall. Don’t be a damn coconut!!!

Mexican From Mars

Trump and Nieto

Oh no, Trump wont quit with the  wall that Mexico’s gonna pay for. The worse part of it is he  now says we may have to pay for it at first but eventually Mexico’s will pay for it. That sounds like a shady deal.  Pres. Trump is known for breaking promises, alternative facts and bankruptcies. How much is his word about money worth? We never did find out where his personal investments are. For all we know, he may grant himself contracts to build this 20 billion dollar eye sore. I smell a fish, a big fat orange one.

Now Pena Nieto Mexico’s loving president says he is ready for a trade war with the United States. He has never met with Pres. Trump and canceled a meeting last week because Pres. Trump announced Nieto should stay home if he isn’t gonna talk about paying for the wall. Trump has made announcements and angry tweets but hasn’t said anything face to face. It almost seems Pres Nieto is backing out of a meeting with a guy who is afraid to met him…… crazy.

Get this straight, this will not be hand to hand combat. This is gonna be Trump and Nieto fighting behind shields of thier own people. If there is a trade war both counties will suffer and the Mexicans will probably do the majority of the suffering but not necessarily lose. The Mexican people are more use to going hungry and they can take more than Americans can. The border on both sides will have economic prices to pay. Litterally, billions of dollars of business transactions take place on the border everyday. That will go away over night. We require parts for cars etc from Mexico  to complete manufactored products and ship to other countries. So it’s the last thing either country needs is a slow down of business, manufacturing products which spells out job loss.

We’ll have to pay for a wall that’s not needed while we’re going  broke, great. The Mexican people get to endure even more of the broke life, greater. Would you like to be struck on the left side of your head or the right side?

Tens days out with the new administration and we’re on the verge of all kinds of disasters. A trade war with Mexico will be nothing less. Pres Trumps pride is more important than south Texas. Honestly, he may not even consider south Texas a part of America.

Mexican from Mars


Trumps Wall Protects From Mexican Killers

         Trump is dead set on his wall. It’s estimated to cost at least 20 billion dollars. He hasn’t fully described it so maybe part of the wall will be electronic or just heavily guarded. He is making like the wall is going to be a solid structure stretching along the entire border. A beautiful site to see. This gets his base fired up. People that voted for him are sure that the answer to much of they’re economic and social problems are going to be answered. The Mexican’s are the problem. Let’s get it straight they aren’t talking about other immigrants. The discussion is not about the Chinese or the Swedes.

           Someone organized a group of people who were victims of crimes committed by “illegal aliens” from you know where. I’m not sure if this group is home-grown or a part of a campaign to change minds gently into hate. I bet its a hate thing.  Somehow, I can’t put my finger on it but this group formation is offensive. So is the whole wall thing. What does a country or city look like all boarded up. It looks very disconnected, unfriendly and cold. Obviously, one side doesn’t like the other side and their people.  American’s don’t even want to see their neighbor. That’s how it looks.

          To be fair we do have a serious drug problem in this country and the last time I checked  much of it’s coming from Mexico. So, it isn’t only an unwanted people problem it’s an unwanted product coming in too. Our southern neighbors also have extreme poverty issues. The Drug cartel wars are out of hand and its effects are spilling over the border. I would say not to long ago apart of South Texas called “The Valley” was a great place to raise a child. The murder rate was very low. If you didn’t take part in the drug business or have a crazy jealous spouse the coast was clear. You were safe to walk to the tiendita to get a soda at just about anytime of day . Those days are over.

       A positive thing the wall might do is keep the American government out of Mexico when its people are tying to make a show for social justice. Mexico is basically a slave state. There is no minimum wage or other social protection. You may not see chains when you go down to Mexico but their might as well be. There have been various demonstrations from the people of Mexico and the US comes  marching in with soldiers and tanks even. Maybe with the wall the two governments won’t be so comfortable to play tag team on the poor. They make look as hypocritical as they are. Mexico needs to do something about the poverty and greed and we have a growing problem with that as well. We  have people to pick on here. By the way, did you hear Trumps bright idea on the Keystone pipeline. Well, it’s on  baby!!!

 US (defending the oil corporations) vs the Native American Indian Nations…..WOW!!

        The wall isn’t built but already there’s blame and dread in the air. Just today a women was caught by the police heading to Florida with a serious load of meth in her gas tank. My heart just sunk when I heard the women was an illegal alien from Mexico…..  for fucks sake why Mexican!?.  There goes some more news the Trumper’s  can point to.  The dream of a wall gets more grand and wonderful. Finally, they’ll be protection from unemployment and those neighbors with their unsightly yards and army’s of killers. What really gets me is the waste of money. Billions of dollars and the fact is we have a minus zero illegal immigration problem from Mexico. There are more people going back to Mexico than coming in. Most of the people who are staying without the proper paper work came over the border like normal and just didn’t return to Mexico when they agreed. If we look into the history all the stupid walls that were built were eventually torn down in the name of peace and getting rid of a damn eyesore. Maybe Trump is exaggerating and like I said parts of it will be electric or just guarded. he just has people dreaming of a gold decorative wall with lions and water falls like Las Vegas.

Not One Mexican

Pres. Trump finished his cabinet picks and there’s not one single latino. Sean Spicer the president’s pressman said if you look at the cabinet it’s very American because the picks are the “best and brightest”. Thanks a lot, not one of us made the list. I would briefly and generally describe his choosen  group as white males who are against government  especially the very agency they were asked to run. If you add 2 plus 2 it would seem the plan is to have the government agencies flop then introduce privatization. That’s really underhanded if you ask me.

Trump and the guys don’t think there’s anything wrong with the cabinet and they have solid backing from the population. The belief is we had a black president for eight years. Racism doesn’t exist and its Trump’s turn to play favorites if he likes. The Trumpers believe that affimative action means hire the brown one cuz he’s brown. Well, it does mean that it means an effort was made to find qualified people with attention to diversity cuz we aren’t all white. Hopefully, the selection of people will look like the community it serves. The cabinet choice is the very definition of systemic racism and the policies are bound to be unfair as well as racist.

The “best and brightest”, Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVoss was choosen to run the department of education. She is a rich lady who has spent lots of money fighting to dismantle the public school system. Other then that she has no experience or qualification for this appointment what so ever.

Make no bones about it. If public education fails so does a huge majority of Latino children. Like I said, we’ll survive. It’ll be the  sadest, hardest most timely thing to recover from though. Let’s not wait until all the damage is done and we’re looking for finger prints as to why our kids can’t get ahead.  Don’t be surprised that the rationalization will be “those kid’s brains are naturally smaller and lazier”. The way it’s going it may not be worded as politely.

American children no matter what color including white poor kids have what’s called “civil rights”. One of those rights is to be able to access equal quality education.  Trump Is violating our rights by appointing an unqualified person with disdain for the public school system to run it.

The Trumpers want a school voucher program to replace the public school system. Its only a fancy way of giving tax cuts  for the rich, screw the poor. We all need an understanding of what a school voucher system looks like. Read up on what Micheal Moore is saying about the voucher program or system. He’s from an area in the country where the voucher system has been tried. I know Micheal Moore is opinionated but he isn’t a liar and he explains well. Better yet do your own internet searches. Tell your friends about what you know. If you work hard everyday for your kids don’t let this slide. There was a time where not one Mexican went to a decent college.

Research: school vocher,  Elizabeth DeVoss, affirmative action, equal access to education rights,

good read  below!!!!!




The Mexican from Mars



March Fuckers!!!!


As you know, marchs  took place all over the country today. Some say the idea of a march right after Inauguration Day started on the Internet. A women was asking her friends on Facebook  ” what if we started a women’s rights march on the Capital the 21st? ” . From there it exploded. I think a lot of people wanted to show the new president his ideas are not hugely popular.

The women’s march on Washington dwarfed Trumps inauguration. To hear Trump cry about it makes it even better. If you’ve never marched you need to try it before you die. Don’t roll your eyes!!!!   Corny as it sounds “power to the people” is real.  We have to excercize our rights or we will lose them and that includes the right to march.

The site of a massive crowd peacefully moving in the same direction  does something to you. It does something to anyone. It is effective!!! Imagine thousands of people marching WITH  you. Do you feel hopeless or alone? If  the crowd is moving to address or TOWARDS  you it won’t matter what your title is or what your  mama told you about your bigness. You’ll reevaluate where you stand.

Marches  get the message across, inform and change minds. Consider the women’s suffrage movement. It was struggling for years. Progress picked up when they went to the street. It took a lot of being laughed and spit at but in seven years they got the vote. They got the right to vote through a system which they had no means for representation, nothing. Women and the men that supported them walked the streets to change minds. Thats when it took off.

If you look at history all the important movements started with the people on the street not from the leaders behind a desk. If someone says marches don’t matter they don’t know.

To get off my high horse and be completely honest,  I’ve been meaning to go to a hard core protest and throw bottles for a long time now. Really it’s  been many years since I participated. It’s never been hard or scary. The worse thing that ever happened was I was called some very bad names once. I’ve never suffered more than just being really hot and making the mistake of smoking something that was handed to me from the crowd.

All we have to do is head out. If youre good and not smoke anything  or name call,  stop and  get a frozen yogurt on the way home. No matter how fucked up things are we can still march. We havnt lost that …. yet. Technology is so good you can even take breaks and watch tv at the march. There are millions and millions of us  waiting on the sofa to protest. All we have to do is march. Unite lazy fuckers!!!!!!!

Mexican from Mars


Pocahontas Warren, Little Marco, Lying Ted will be there.Mitt Romney used the words “phony” and “fraudulent” to describe Donald Trump. He even came out and warned the country not to vote for this person because he would destroy everything as we know it. Then a few weeks later he’s photed having candle light dinner with Trump obviously trying to get a cabinet position. Well, he didn’t get a job from the phony but he did get the photo of him sucking up to Trump plastered all over the internet. He’s name might as well be shit. No one likes a politician because of this kind of greasy behavior.

I love a party with a music and the works too. don’t get me started about how much I love decorated parade horses but I can’t and would not be seen celebrating especially if i was a senator of color. All the ranting and raving Trump has done how can you be there in the cold smiling. He has set up an over all mood towards Latinos that says we need to be taken out with the garbage. That’s a big part of ” Making America Great Again”.  Its bull shit if you’re a senator you have to be there.  If dont  see Trump you have no respect for the office of the presidency or the peaceful transfer of power. It doesn’t mean you aren’t going to do your job. If you celebrate a person who has treated you and your people like a piece of dirt and called you a kiss up then you’re gonna look like the kiss up because you are one. The new normal will be having a president that is a name caller.  I would use the weekend to figure out how to deal with it without going low like him or allowing yourself to be disrespected. Rest, go to women’s  march only if you care. People will notice you for who you are in the end. I wonder if Crooked Hillary will be spotted at the march.


Talking to White People


It’s difficult to discuss racism with white people. To be fair it isn’t just them. It’s an American or human attitude. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard Latinos who are employed argue that it’s nonsense that there’s a shortage of jobs in this country. Ironically, the Latinos I’m thinking of always have more than one job that no one else wants.
Anyhow, a few years back I read a book called, “What is the Matter with White People” by Joan Walsh. It gave me tremendous insight as to how white people see things. Get this, most white people in America live very segregated lives. Their opinions are formed in extreme isolation. They experience little to no racial pressure and don’t read, learn or see anything about it first hand. It’s like a lot of them have only one tv channel going all their lives. Imagine if you had only one old fashion channel the kind that cuts out at mid night. You would end up on YouTube and viral if you ever got a microphone too.
Regular white folks think racism describes very disgusting behavior. I’m talking about deep in the woods where banjo wars take place. You know like the movie ” Deliverance”. So it’s difficult to talk about how racism is built in our institutions by white people and that white people have benefitted from the dysfunction. When you say all that they hear …..” You gotta pretty mouth”. and their head explodes.
For many years the facts have been clear. The color of your ass is the biggest indicator of rather you end up in the criminal system and what happens to you in that system. There are cold cruel numbers that show the criminal system is RACIST but the system isn’t changing much because minds have to change before laws do. In Obama’s farewell address to the nation he explained ( too briefly ) the importance of getting out there and talking about “systemic racism”.
This isn’t a new way to change minds. The Gay rights movement has progressed in the same way, one person at a time. The philosophy was and is to “come out” , tell people you’re gay and the life that you live. Slowly, the secret becomes less weird, less scary more about nature and love rather than illness and sin. The isolation no longer exists. The reality and experience has expanded.
White people have to come around to the notion that racism is bad but you aren’t a bad person if you couldn’t see it. Recognition is always the first step to changing anything. White people did the lions share of building the system and they have the biggest sledge hammers to bring it down. When white people speak up white people listen. They are the best ones to explain that there are more than one channel. They have to be the one’s that spread and normalize the notion that racism is a mistake that can be turned around. Once you stop ignoring and learn something it’s different. You can’t get comfortable with racist talk even behind closed doors or ignore dysfunctional systems without question.
It isn’t easy to talk about race. What happens if they get really touchy and ask “why is everything about race?”. What do you say if they say “well, the president is black and he never went to jail” or
” don’t you think personal responsibility is important?”. A lot of times it stops me right in my tracks. I’m shocked how block headed this person I hang out with is. I’m afraid I sound insulting or accusatory. Maybe it’s too personal for me to question someone’s beliefs. Finally, I’ll have just what I want to say and its very informative and understanding and its only a conversation in my mind the real one happened hours ago.
I read a lot about how to do a blog before I started to post. Most of the reading said be an expert at what you’re gonna talk about. Some said you can blog as you learn. What’s important is you are truly interested in the subject. I’m extremely interested just stuck.  The opinion of the majority is wrong. If it’s allowed to slip behind closed doors and be protected it’ll silently keep winning. Are we doing what we can? Mars to Mexicans?
Mexican from Mars


Weirdness approaching


Mr. Trump is making it impossible to have an open mind and just consider the policies that are gonna come out not the person who will be president. It’s just a freak show of hypocrisy and strange talk.
Look at General David Petraeus’s history and he is a cabinet member choice!! He admitted to having an extramarital affair with a writer working on his biography not too long ago like in 2012. That isn’t the worse of it, he was the head of the CIA at the time and busted doing heavy duty pillow talk with his lady love over the internets and prepaid cell phones. The sex talk was all mixed in with classified information. ….. weird.
Obviously, Clinton’s email problem is just and ONLY a political red herring or shiny thing to throw out when there’s scary stuff exposed about him. “Hey, look at that dirty Hillary fish swim by!!! and she’s got something nasty on her, have you read about it? Well, it’s really really disgraceful and bad”. That’s exactly what he does and he does the same kind of thing every time.
During his press conference, the possibility there are sex tapes the Russians have on him came up. He went into this explanation of sorts of why it couldn’t be him,, “Be very careful, because in your hotel rooms and no matter where you go you’re going to probably have cameras”, ” You have camera in the strangest places. Cameras that are so small — modern technology — you can’t see them and you won’t know,” he said……… weird. All of the sudden the focus turned into who’s “bad” in media and who’s “good”.
Now, the Internet is buzzing with pee pee jokes about Mr Trump. Supposedly, Mr Trump had a couple of hookers pee on him in a hotel bed that the Obamas had recently stayed in because he hates them so much. This practice of getting pee-peed on is called getting a “golden shower” by the way. Looking back on it, I understand the jabbering he did about being a “germaphobe” at the press conference came from. I really haven’t seen anything that says “germaphobe” in his behavior but there is a term for when you think people who are different from you carry parasites and disease. Darn, I can’t think of the word. He has a certain look on his face when he talks about Mexicans and the things that come across the border. He looks like his skin is crawling and the talk of the wall makes him feel less disgusted. I was gonna write about systemic racism but he’s just too cray man. Next time ok. What’s on your mind?

Mexican from Mars