It’s not me so I don’t see it

Unbelievable, I just saw a news program about this women from Damascus.  Her whole family are in the US on the visa program. She’s  having problems getting her husband back in the country because of the ban on the seven countries include of course Syria. Well, guess what she voted for Pres. Trump.

What’s  more unbelievable she said that we ( this country ) have always helped other people. We don’t turn our backs on people and she hopes that doesn’t change. Like she didn’t hear what the Donald thought of numerous different kinds people including her own. It didn’t concern her that people including middle eastern people would not be  treated equal under the law. Middle Eastern people and or Muslims would be excluded from protection under the constitution.

It appears she has somehow come to the conclusion her and her family are the only ” good ones. “, ” To bad the doors got closed after me and my family got in “, “The rest of you Syrians can go on with yourselves”. Well the day came when one of her family members were treated like how she believes other Syrians should be treated and now it’s different.

Think about it. If we only read and listened to things we agree with, design our own little private radio stations with our MP3 players you may believe the only reality is yours. If you are a white or black person from Europe and every time you see a black American is on the news doing a crime or rioting what would you think of black America. If the only white person you’ve ever been exposed to is Eminem what would you think? If all you saw was a lot of violent Syrian people around you and you were Syrian you may want to close and lock the door when you got to the US too. Out of  ignorance and fear in your own bubble you may vote for Donald Trump because he matches your view of things. You may forget that since Donald Trump does not know you you aren’t different to him. The data show a vast majority of middle eastern refugees are not terrorist or violent. In fact, most of the people needing a home and food are children.

If one person is not free no one is. Don’t listen when you hear ” stereotypes come from somewhere ?” because most of the time ignorance is the place it comes from.

So Latinos don’t believe negative things you hear about yourself or other Latinos. Don’t think that a person that looks down on Latinos is gonna always think you and your family are different. Don’t ever believe that one person can be suppressed or treated unfairly and it won’t affect us all. That’s not how it works.

The Mexican from Mars

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