People don’t come here for food stamps

The inside scoop is  Pres. Trump is gonna round-up all the people who are here illegally and are or have asked for social services. He’s not talking about the Swedes.  He’s taking about our brothers and sisters from Mexico. To make it plain,  Pres. Trump is looking around for what he thinks are the billions and billions of “wet backs” that leisurely did the  back stroke across the smooth Rio Grande river to get to the land of milk, honey and free money. The ones that walked into a government building  and said ” I’m here illegally. Its free money time”. RIIIIIGHT!!!

Non citizens who are here illegally do not get food stamps. Green card holders may receive workman’s comp for example but people with green cards work for that benefit. Workman’s comp, unemployment are insurance type programs. If they work they get some of their paycheck withdrawn to pay for these government insurances. Once they have put into the system they can qualify for some things. The data show the Mexican green card holders are not getting as much out of the system as they are putting in. Most people coming over from Mexico are young, working hard and supporting a lot of social services that baby boomers are requiring. At this time, we are a country of old people. Don’t rely only what you see in your own neighborhood. We are living in our own bubbles and think that’s everyone’s reality. Do your reasearch before you listen to your friend at work tell you he knows for a fact Mexican people are all on food stamps because his daughter works at HEB and this is what she sees… blah, blah, blah.

I’ll put it bluntly, sometime’s people from Mexico say they’re getting lots of government money. The people who say this don’t understand it’s not cool. Its sort of how a red neck might brag about how they can drink 20 beers and  eat 20 hotdogs in 30 minutes. Even insecure presidents brag about not paying taxes. It’s like that. People of all colors say stupid shit and have goofy ideas that aren’t true. Some people from Mexico who  are desperately looking for labor here say things like back home they own big pieces of land in the mountains or beach houses in Cancun. It’s like this, all people brag,  exaggerate and even lie when they feel they have very little or nothing. People from Mexico that brag this way start rumors that cause hatred and jealousy.

No one is coming here for food stamps or to vote as many times as they can. It’s hard to get social services in this county. Good luck without a social security card. Please, as Mexican Americans don’t believe what the Trumper’s say.  Reasearch the data before you look down on your own people. This racist nonsense is splitting us up. Together we stand, apart we fall. Don’t be a damn coconut!!!

Mexican From Mars

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