Trump and Nieto

Oh no, Trump wont quit with the  wall that Mexico’s gonna pay for. The worse part of it is he  now says we may have to pay for it at first but eventually Mexico’s will pay for it. That sounds like a shady deal.  Pres. Trump is known for breaking promises, alternative facts and bankruptcies. How much is his word about money worth? We never did find out where his personal investments are. For all we know, he may grant himself contracts to build this 20 billion dollar eye sore. I smell a fish, a big fat orange one.

Now Pena Nieto Mexico’s loving president says he is ready for a trade war with the United States. He has never met with Pres. Trump and canceled a meeting last week because Pres. Trump announced Nieto should stay home if he isn’t gonna talk about paying for the wall. Trump has made announcements and angry tweets but hasn’t said anything face to face. It almost seems Pres Nieto is backing out of a meeting with a guy who is afraid to met him…… crazy.

Get this straight, this will not be hand to hand combat. This is gonna be Trump and Nieto fighting behind shields of thier own people. If there is a trade war both counties will suffer and the Mexicans will probably do the majority of the suffering but not necessarily lose. The Mexican people are more use to going hungry and they can take more than Americans can. The border on both sides will have economic prices to pay. Litterally, billions of dollars of business transactions take place on the border everyday. That will go away over night. We require parts for cars etc from Mexico  to complete manufactored products and ship to other countries. So it’s the last thing either country needs is a slow down of business, manufacturing products which spells out job loss.

We’ll have to pay for a wall that’s not needed while we’re going  broke, great. The Mexican people get to endure even more of the broke life, greater. Would you like to be struck on the left side of your head or the right side?

Tens days out with the new administration and we’re on the verge of all kinds of disasters. A trade war with Mexico will be nothing less. Pres Trumps pride is more important than south Texas. Honestly, he may not even consider south Texas a part of America.

Mexican from Mars


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