Trumps Wall Protects From Mexican Killers

         Trump is dead set on his wall. It’s estimated to cost at least 20 billion dollars. He hasn’t fully described it so maybe part of the wall will be electronic or just heavily guarded. He is making like the wall is going to be a solid structure stretching along the entire border. A beautiful site to see. This gets his base fired up. People that voted for him are sure that the answer to much of they’re economic and social problems are going to be answered. The Mexican’s are the problem. Let’s get it straight they aren’t talking about other immigrants. The discussion is not about the Chinese or the Swedes.

           Someone organized a group of people who were victims of crimes committed by “illegal aliens” from you know where. I’m not sure if this group is home-grown or a part of a campaign to change minds gently into hate. I bet its a hate thing.  Somehow, I can’t put my finger on it but this group formation is offensive. So is the whole wall thing. What does a country or city look like all boarded up. It looks very disconnected, unfriendly and cold. Obviously, one side doesn’t like the other side and their people.  American’s don’t even want to see their neighbor. That’s how it looks.

          To be fair we do have a serious drug problem in this country and the last time I checked  much of it’s coming from Mexico. So, it isn’t only an unwanted people problem it’s an unwanted product coming in too. Our southern neighbors also have extreme poverty issues. The Drug cartel wars are out of hand and its effects are spilling over the border. I would say not to long ago apart of South Texas called “The Valley” was a great place to raise a child. The murder rate was very low. If you didn’t take part in the drug business or have a crazy jealous spouse the coast was clear. You were safe to walk to the tiendita to get a soda at just about anytime of day . Those days are over.

       A positive thing the wall might do is keep the American government out of Mexico when its people are tying to make a show for social justice. Mexico is basically a slave state. There is no minimum wage or other social protection. You may not see chains when you go down to Mexico but their might as well be. There have been various demonstrations from the people of Mexico and the US comes  marching in with soldiers and tanks even. Maybe with the wall the two governments won’t be so comfortable to play tag team on the poor. They make look as hypocritical as they are. Mexico needs to do something about the poverty and greed and we have a growing problem with that as well. We  have people to pick on here. By the way, did you hear Trumps bright idea on the Keystone pipeline. Well, it’s on  baby!!!

 US (defending the oil corporations) vs the Native American Indian Nations…..WOW!!

        The wall isn’t built but already there’s blame and dread in the air. Just today a women was caught by the police heading to Florida with a serious load of meth in her gas tank. My heart just sunk when I heard the women was an illegal alien from Mexico…..  for fucks sake why Mexican!?.  There goes some more news the Trumper’s  can point to.  The dream of a wall gets more grand and wonderful. Finally, they’ll be protection from unemployment and those neighbors with their unsightly yards and army’s of killers. What really gets me is the waste of money. Billions of dollars and the fact is we have a minus zero illegal immigration problem from Mexico. There are more people going back to Mexico than coming in. Most of the people who are staying without the proper paper work came over the border like normal and just didn’t return to Mexico when they agreed. If we look into the history all the stupid walls that were built were eventually torn down in the name of peace and getting rid of a damn eyesore. Maybe Trump is exaggerating and like I said parts of it will be electric or just guarded. he just has people dreaming of a gold decorative wall with lions and water falls like Las Vegas.

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