Not One Mexican

Pres. Trump finished his cabinet picks and there’s not one single latino. Sean Spicer the president’s pressman said if you look at the cabinet it’s very American because the picks are the “best and brightest”. Thanks a lot, not one of us made the list. I would briefly and generally describe his choosen  group as white males who are against government  especially the very agency they were asked to run. If you add 2 plus 2 it would seem the plan is to have the government agencies flop then introduce privatization. That’s really underhanded if you ask me.

Trump and the guys don’t think there’s anything wrong with the cabinet and they have solid backing from the population. The belief is we had a black president for eight years. Racism doesn’t exist and its Trump’s turn to play favorites if he likes. The Trumpers believe that affimative action means hire the brown one cuz he’s brown. Well, it does mean that it means an effort was made to find qualified people with attention to diversity cuz we aren’t all white. Hopefully, the selection of people will look like the community it serves. The cabinet choice is the very definition of systemic racism and the policies are bound to be unfair as well as racist.

The “best and brightest”, Elizabeth “Betsy” DeVoss was choosen to run the department of education. She is a rich lady who has spent lots of money fighting to dismantle the public school system. Other then that she has no experience or qualification for this appointment what so ever.

Make no bones about it. If public education fails so does a huge majority of Latino children. Like I said, we’ll survive. It’ll be the  sadest, hardest most timely thing to recover from though. Let’s not wait until all the damage is done and we’re looking for finger prints as to why our kids can’t get ahead.  Don’t be surprised that the rationalization will be “those kid’s brains are naturally smaller and lazier”. The way it’s going it may not be worded as politely.

American children no matter what color including white poor kids have what’s called “civil rights”. One of those rights is to be able to access equal quality education.  Trump Is violating our rights by appointing an unqualified person with disdain for the public school system to run it.

The Trumpers want a school voucher program to replace the public school system. Its only a fancy way of giving tax cuts  for the rich, screw the poor. We all need an understanding of what a school voucher system looks like. Read up on what Micheal Moore is saying about the voucher program or system. He’s from an area in the country where the voucher system has been tried. I know Micheal Moore is opinionated but he isn’t a liar and he explains well. Better yet do your own internet searches. Tell your friends about what you know. If you work hard everyday for your kids don’t let this slide. There was a time where not one Mexican went to a decent college.

Research: school vocher,  Elizabeth DeVoss, affirmative action, equal access to education rights,

good read  below!!!!!




The Mexican from Mars



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