March Fuckers!!!!


As you know, marchs  took place all over the country today. Some say the idea of a march right after Inauguration Day started on the Internet. A women was asking her friends on Facebook  ” what if we started a women’s rights march on the Capital the 21st? ” . From there it exploded. I think a lot of people wanted to show the new president his ideas are not hugely popular.

The women’s march on Washington dwarfed Trumps inauguration. To hear Trump cry about it makes it even better. If you’ve never marched you need to try it before you die. Don’t roll your eyes!!!!   Corny as it sounds “power to the people” is real.  We have to excercize our rights or we will lose them and that includes the right to march.

The site of a massive crowd peacefully moving in the same direction  does something to you. It does something to anyone. It is effective!!! Imagine thousands of people marching WITH  you. Do you feel hopeless or alone? If  the crowd is moving to address or TOWARDS  you it won’t matter what your title is or what your  mama told you about your bigness. You’ll reevaluate where you stand.

Marches  get the message across, inform and change minds. Consider the women’s suffrage movement. It was struggling for years. Progress picked up when they went to the street. It took a lot of being laughed and spit at but in seven years they got the vote. They got the right to vote through a system which they had no means for representation, nothing. Women and the men that supported them walked the streets to change minds. Thats when it took off.

If you look at history all the important movements started with the people on the street not from the leaders behind a desk. If someone says marches don’t matter they don’t know.

To get off my high horse and be completely honest,  I’ve been meaning to go to a hard core protest and throw bottles for a long time now. Really it’s  been many years since I participated. It’s never been hard or scary. The worse thing that ever happened was I was called some very bad names once. I’ve never suffered more than just being really hot and making the mistake of smoking something that was handed to me from the crowd.

All we have to do is head out. If youre good and not smoke anything  or name call,  stop and  get a frozen yogurt on the way home. No matter how fucked up things are we can still march. We havnt lost that …. yet. Technology is so good you can even take breaks and watch tv at the march. There are millions and millions of us  waiting on the sofa to protest. All we have to do is march. Unite lazy fuckers!!!!!!!

Mexican from Mars

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