Pocahontas Warren, Little Marco, Lying Ted will be there.Mitt Romney used the words “phony” and “fraudulent” to describe Donald Trump. He even came out and warned the country not to vote for this person because he would destroy everything as we know it. Then a few weeks later he’s photed having candle light dinner with Trump obviously trying to get a cabinet position. Well, he didn’t get a job from the phony but he did get the photo of him sucking up to Trump plastered all over the internet. He’s name might as well be shit. No one likes a politician because of this kind of greasy behavior.

I love a party with a music and the works too. don’t get me started about how much I love decorated parade horses but I can’t and would not be seen celebrating especially if i was a senator of color. All the ranting and raving Trump has done how can you be there in the cold smiling. He has set up an over all mood towards Latinos that says we need to be taken out with the garbage. That’s a big part of ” Making America Great Again”.  Its bull shit if you’re a senator you have to be there.  If dont  see Trump you have no respect for the office of the presidency or the peaceful transfer of power. It doesn’t mean you aren’t going to do your job. If you celebrate a person who has treated you and your people like a piece of dirt and called you a kiss up then you’re gonna look like the kiss up because you are one. The new normal will be having a president that is a name caller.  I would use the weekend to figure out how to deal with it without going low like him or allowing yourself to be disrespected. Rest, go to women’s  march only if you care. People will notice you for who you are in the end. I wonder if Crooked Hillary will be spotted at the march.


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