Trump the softy

What Trump does vs what he says.
Mr Trump announced a “tremendous” deal with Carrier an American AC unit manufacturing company in Indianapolis was made. So our president to be says he saved over a thousand jobs from going to Mexico. He said that he’s been telling Carrier and others planning to take jobs off to Mexico, “hey when you bring your air conditioners etc back to sell I’m gonna put a 35% tariff ( a tax) on your foreign made stuff”. Do we finally have a tough president that will stand up for the working tax payer?
Not really, he saved more like 700 jobs and how he did it wasn’t really big and strong. He paid Carrier millions to stay and millions to improve their plant. Get this, the improvements are for making robots that build ACs (automatization ). It came to about a 25 million dollar handout. The generous Carrier Co. claims they could have saved 63 million by moving to Mexico but they did the patriotic thing.
Carrier was paid off to stay in US out of the tax payers pocket. This money will no longer go to education, public services or infrastructure. The money turned into a welfare check for Carrier.
So the whole country knows the new administration has not even moved in and is passing out huge welfare checks for big Corp. and when they get one they also receive hero status. It’s gonna be a feast. The teats of the tax payer will never be the same again. I’m not sure they will ever recover.
In the end, Trump’s not so tough at all. He’s a softy.
The Mexican from Mars

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