Some White Working Class Folks and Dinos


David Axelrod held a very interesting interview with President Obama about the state of politics and the shocking election results. Basically, President Obama believes the dems haven’t gotten through to white working folks who are struggling. The message just didn’t make it.
He stated that Obamacare has helped a lot of people who DID NOT vote for him and then DID NOT vote for Hillary either……shocking!! He says what happened is the “hope” of the American Dream in the 21st century got the wind knocked out of it and sadly people voted against their own interests ….. no hope, lost hope, hope died.
That’s a nice way to describe it but not the complete story. People that voted against affordable health care for themselves and their families wanted to see “handouts” end. You know what those are…..”Handouts”? Its what others beneath them get. An example of this mindset is “I have Obamacare but Im not on Medicaid so I’ll vote against the Medicaid losers”, you know, “Trump doesn’t mean me when he talks about cuts”. There’s an article in the Washington Post oops/2016/12/20/46ef3cae-c6f3-11e6-bf4b-2c064d32a4bf_story.html?client=safari
on a county in Kentucky where Obamacare raised the insured rate by 60% but 82% of the voters cast it in for Trump. Now, Trump voters there are worried. One women helped by Obamacare husband’s on a waiting list for a liver transplant. She got the message ok. She just didn’t think Repeal Obamacare had anything to do with her and her own. That makes me angry.
Anyhow, Obama went on to say that he isn’t gonna ride President Trump for every little tweet but he’s not gonna stay quiet if his values as an American are threatened. He’s strong. I would have to go into hiding to keep from saying something not so nice at some point.
Bravely, Obama wants to be apart of things and stay relevant. How can he watch all his work bashed and stay cool? If anyone can it would be him. More diplomatically than I thought was possible he called the Republican Party out for blocking ALL good legislation and programs that could have helped more people recover from the huge recession of 2008.
It was amazing to see how Obama always extended himself way to the right to include every dying dinosaur from the KKK’s opinion in the national discussions. I mean old school KKK when they still rode horses.
The loudest black voices were from types like Bill Cosby condemning inner city people, in other words people of color for not being personally accountable and responsible for their situations like poverty. As if personal responsibility has to be lectured to a certain group of people while others get it. By the way, how did the nastiest man in the world get the nerve to speak up on morals?
The leaders of the Republican Party used Obamas own words to the hilt. The master manipulators at owning the flag, the bible now snatched hold of morals. The types that voted against their own interests in Kentucky heard those things loud and clear.
Obama doesn’t have to include the dinos. It isn’t his job anymore. He won’t be everyone’s president and he never was from the start.
The Mexican from Mars

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