A Brave Heart

I can’t believe they re still bringing up Hillary Clinton to blame for whatever negative news hits the president elect Trump. Get over it. She looks likes she’s getting on with her life. Seriously, just like elementary school kids may not like you when you get straight A’s that’s thier problem but it’s still hurts to have the old crowd act like you’re a sticky little spider.
I don’t think Hillary Clinton whines more or less than other politicians do when they lose. She doesn’t seem more dishonest than a normal politician. She does have a past full of investigations that didn’t amount to much. Strangely, I’ve seen arguments break out about who is annoyed by her the most. Serious TV news people talk about something rude that was said about her and they avoid making eye contact with each other. They start turning red, vibrating and looking the other way away. They’re  holding back floods of laughter really. I don’t have a meter to measure these things and provide solid proof that there is a certain hatred for Hillary Clinton but there is some possible evidence.
For example, on the 19th of December the electors had the chance to do their little dance on the dance floor and acknowledge Mr. Donald Trump won the presidential election of 2016. It was totally apparent that regardless of all the stuff he said and done since Nov. 7th and how messed up the electoral college is we get Mr. Trump because that’s how it went down. The rules were already in place. The contest went the way it went and he won. There was absolutely no hope for HRC to gain any traction. Still some electors had to jump ship and go against there own peeps to vote “no Hillary”.
Nothing was gonna change. All they had to do is what was expected. It wasn’t enough. When people stand up and say “I don’t care if she already lost and I’m gonna get in trouble and fined. Put me in jail, crazy people kill me and burn my house. I say no”…. that’s hate. A special level of hate reserved for the devil, bed wetters and Hillary Clinton.

I’m curious to know who you are and what’s your thoughts are. Feel free to comment below.

The Mexican from Mars

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