Are you a good one or a bad one


We see it and heard it too. He presents as a strong successful businessman. The Trumps have no wants for success, prestige and ownership, They live the American Dream. Mr Trump must be smart enough to better this country.
His argument that Mexican immigrants drag the country down make sense. They do take jobs. They work for low pay and lower everyone else’s . Mr. Trump says, “they are rapist if not who’s doing all the raping?” Come on!! Mexican immigrants are different. They stick out in a bad way. You heard the stories and they’re believable. To us the good ones we see it.
Mr. Trump is spot on about our community being out of control with the disrespect and violence towards the police. All these police shootings can’t be the fault of the law. It’s not believable. The police are there to help and brown cops get killed too.
We voted Trump we are one of the good ones!!   We are not like the ones that Mr Trump is going to get a elbow on to work and behave.
What’s really the pits to be honest is when you get mistaken for a bad one. How does it feel to be mistaken…. pure ugly to the core ,”vergüenza”.

What kind of Latinos are there? And why?

What kind are you?

It’s gonna be a long 4 years and a lot gonna happen. Hablamanos!!

The Mexican from Mars

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