Why Trump???

Its strange what’s going on and passing for ” Ok ” lately. I have to say something about it. We gotta talk / hablamanos!  The notion that in a few days Donald Trump will be our president will always be unreal. Some of us are happy as shit too. I know. What I have found is most crazy is that some Mexican people out there voted for him. So this blog is to bring out the conversation. What’s going on? As Mexicans or Latinos ( from now on out I will refer to us as Latinos because it’s the sexiest sounding ) what is true about our culture?  What’s real about economics and the votes that get us ahead. This bog is also for our friends. Amigos that want to know more about our culture, and what we have in common economically with them and why the hell some of us voted for Trump.

The internet is a great place to go to shame the shit out of people who aren’t as wonderful as you…. right?  If that’s you don’t come around here. Trolls are not welcome. If you want to honestly ask a question like “why do Mexican’s wear red underwear and why did some of them vote for trump?  let’s all talk about that. This is the place you can ask and discuss mysteries that seem rude . You don’t have to feel bad no one knows who you are. You can make a joke or say something off the wall that’s ok too. Dont worry your heart will reveal itself.

I call myself  “The Mexican from Mars “because I’m true and honest.  Sometimes I’ll even tell a ghost story. You’ll see. That little rabbit at the top is Miss Bunny Kin, Peter Rabbit’s mother of course. I was trying to post a cool image of a Mexican revolutionary but things didn’t work out. You got a shot of cute figurine I was trying to sell on eBay. It kind of works. She is in the middle of sweeping the floor and she looks puzzled or blank…. like she maybe asking “why?”  I’ll get better.

I gotta know why did people vote for Trump especially those out there in the red underwear you know who you are…..why?

The Mexican from Mars




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